Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Woes of Paper and Pen.

I'm a pen and paper guy. I think everyone who writes has their own favorite medium to work with. Some prefer the old school typewriters, others like these newfangled computers. Some are like me and choose the pen/pencil and paper combination. It’s important to be comfortable with your tools and for me I never feel better than with paper and pen. It’s like a first love. Sure computers may be faster and easier, but there is something that just feels right about my preferred method.

This of course causes me untold grief. Because I like paper and pen it means anything I write must be rewritten on the computer. I have to get it onto the computer because lets face it that’s the way the world is. Word processing programs make it so much easier to edit. The Internet makes transferring documents fast. And when I print something out from my computer I know it’s legible. Many people would be hard pressed to read my hand writing. Shoot I can’t even read some of what I’ve written if it’s been a while since I originally wrote it. I can’t tell you how many great ideas I’ve lost due to this. At least I think they were great ideas. There’s no way to know for sure now. But they must have been great, why else would I have written them down?

I wish that there was some technology that could help me get my hand written material into the computer. Now maybe it already exists and I’ve just not heard about it. If it does and if anyone reading this knows about it please let me know. What I’d like is to be able to scan my hand written text into a word program. Now hopefully the software could read and identify most of what I’ve written. But even if I have to go through it once its on the screen and correct things here and there it would be worth it. It’d be a ton better than what I do now.

I don’t have a scanner yet but if this technology exists Id’ gladly pay for both. It would save me an enormous amount of time and energy.


  1. How romantic of you! That's great! And actually typing your work up, while time consuming, is a fantastic way to look objectivley at what you've done and edit it well. Even though I usually type while composing, I sometimes re-type everything so I can edit in this way.

    I thank the heavens above for computers whithout which, I don't think I could write. You must have great control over the flow of your thoughts. Mine are sparatic and sometimes come very quickly. If I don't permanize them fast enough, they're totally gone. I have to type; I just can pen fast enough to keep up. Also, I may actually be the world's worst speller. I truly suck at it. So I'm afraid I depend on good 'ole spellchecker to clean up my messes.

  2. BTW, are you on